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Las Vegas New Car Buyers Agree: Put AM/FM Radio In My Dashboard

Nov 11, 2021 4:23:01 PM / by Larry Julius

In 2020, there were 85,314 new cars and trucks registered in the Las Vegas metro area. This number is based on projections from the National Auto Dealers Associaton (NADA) and the U.S. Census bureau.

In all, says NADA, there are 97 new-car dealerships in Nevada. Despite the pandemic, these dealers, including those in the Las Vegas area, sold $8.3 billion worth of new vehicles.

Through June of this year, these same dealers have already rung up $5.4 billion in new car sales.

When it comes to buying new vehicles, Las Vegas consumers have a broad range of preferences. Some buyers want Fords while others want Chevrolets, Toyotas, or Teslas.  Some buyers want pick-up trucks, while others want sub-compacts, SUVs, or sports cars. Of course, some want blue vehicles, while others want pearl white, orchard green, or redolent red.

There is one purchase criterion, however, that most Las Vegas car buyers can agree on. They want an AM/FM radio smack-dab, in the middle of their dash.

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Las Vegas Small Business Update: Auto Parts Sales Accelerate

Sep 18, 2020 5:10:21 PM / by Larry Julius

There are more than 1,400,000 vehicles registered in the Las Vegas area. Many need new windshield wipers, shocks, struts, brakes, air filters, ignition coils, and the hundreds of other items that fill the shelves of local auto part dealers.

Despite the pandemic induced slowdown, business at auto parts stores has grown nearly 13% since February, according to the US Census Bureau.

This explosive growth in auto parts sales directly relates to the  average age of cars on Las Vegas's roads.

"Per the latest study from IHS Markit, the current combined average age of vehicles has hit a record of 11.9 years," Rimmi Singhi wrote this week on "The aging vehicles are a boon to auto parts, replacement, and repair companies. In a bid to ensure long-term functioning of the aging vehicle population, customers are making investments to replace faulty vehicle parts and components."

Also contributing to the rapid aging of cars on the road is the current demand for used versus new vehicles. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the personal consumption expenditures (PCE) for used cars is 25% higher in August than it was during the same month last year.

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Why Las Vegas Used Car Dealers Need To Advertise Now

Feb 12, 2020 10:02:00 AM / by Larry Julius

March is the biggest single month for used car sales in Las Vegas. During these 31 days alone, local pre-owned vehicle dealers are expected to bring in $83 million in sales. This will represent 10% of their annual revenue.

By the end of May, these dealers owners will sell more than $230 million worth of pre-owned cars and trucks. This, undoubtedly, makes March-May 'used car season' in Las Vegas.

Although most Clark County used car dealers are small business owners, they do really big business. In all, over the next 12 months, more than 280,000 pre-owned vehicles will be driven off their lots.

To capture a larger share of the area's $830 million used car market requires pre-owned vehicle dealers to advertise. By any measure, the best way for these business owners to advertise is on Las Vegas radio.

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