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Advertise On Las Vegas Radio? 5 Things Business Owners Get Wrong

Dec 30, 2021 2:40:36 PM / by Larry Julius

To ensure success, every Nevada business owner needs to advertise.

"Think you have a great product?" asks the US Small Business Administration. "Unfortunately, no one’s going to know about it unless you advertise.”

The SBA goes on to say, “Advertising, if done correctly, can do wonders for your product sales, and you know what that means: more revenue and more success for your business.”

There are dozens of ways for local small business owners to advertise. By most metrics, the best way to advertise is on Las Vegas radio. These measures of effectiveness, however, are often obscured by the glimmer and glitz of newer technologies. 

To help reduce the glare that often blinds business owners to the potency of advertising on Las Vegas radio, here are the top five things many local business owners get wrong.

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Las Vegas Radio: Which Stations Do Local Consumers Prefer?

Jan 25, 2021 5:38:45 PM / by Larry Julius

There are 38 radio stations in Las Vegas. Each provides a unique format of news, sports, music, entertainment, and inspiration. Some stations broadcast in English. Others serve Spanish speakers. Some stations cater to millennials. Others appeal to Baby Boomers.  No doubt, there is a local radio station that fulfills the preferences of every listener.

Each week, according to Nielsen, 1.5 million adults tune-in to their favorite Las Vegas radio stations. This is more people than watch local TV, cable, or streaming channels. This is more than use Facebook and Instagram. This is more than read newspapers or connect to Pandora and Spotify. 

Despite the abundance of Las Vegas radio stations to choose between, Nielsen reports that, on average, adult consumers only listen to 2.9 each week.  So, which stations do local consumers choose?

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