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Who Listens To Las Vegas Radio?

Apr 22, 2021 6:35:02 PM / by Larry Julius

Every week, according to Nielsen, 88% of adult consumers tune in to a Las Vegas radio station. This is significantly more people than watch broadcast TV, local cable, or video streaming services. It's more than use social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.  And, it's more than read local newspapers.

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Las Vegas radio is also the medium with the greatest reach among millennials, a generation that not only has embraced an abundance of online media options but also accounts for nearly a third of all local consumer spending.

Advertising In Las Vegas Millennials (Dec2020)

This reach advantage is a crucial reason why local small business owners depend on Las Vegas radio to market their goods and services.

A study released this week by Edison Research and NPR discovered that their six distinct types of radio listeners. The study also examines how each group of listeners engages with both programming and advertising.  These distinctions are important for Las Vegas small business owners to understand.

The six listener categories as described in the study are:

  • Radio Heads: Use radio for everything
  • Connection Seekers: Use radio for connection
  • Infomaniacs: Radio listening  is driven by news
  • Rhythm Rockers: Radio listening is driven by music
  • Laid-Back Listeners: Listen to radio in the background
  • Habituals: Listen to radio when it's the only option available

New call-to-actionHere is the percentage each type of listener represents compared to the total radio audience. For more detailed information about each segment, click here.

Radio Listening In Las Vegas

Below is another key finding of the report for Nevada small business owners. Radio listeners are more likely to engage with ads than do the users of other media.

Advertising In Las Vegas: Consumer Engagement

Not surprisingly, among the six segments of radio listeners, the heaviest users of the medium are also the most likely to engage with advertising messages.

Advertise In Las Vegas: Radio Commercial Engagement

Perhaps the most important finding of this study for Clark County business owners is how consumers respond to advertising.  Fifty percent of listeners say they were compelled to gather more information about a company, product, or service as a result of hearing a commercial on the radio.  Thirty-six percent say they were convinced to buy a product by a radio ad.

Advertising In Las Vegas: Radio Commercials

To see the complete NPR Edison research study, click here.

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