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In-Car Listening Drives Las Vegas Radio To The Top

Mar 14, 2023 3:16:05 PM / by Larry Julius

Las Vegas radio reaches more local consumers each week than any other advertising medium.

According to Nielsen, 1,475,493 adults tune in to their favorite AM/FM stations every week.  This is significantly more consumers than are reached by Las Vegas TV, cable, streaming video, streaming audio, social media, or newspapers.

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AM/FM radio's dominance among local consumers is driven, in large part, by the 1.7 million Las Vegas area adults who take to the road in their car or truck every week, according to Neilsen.

New call-to-actionIn fact, says Nielsen, 68% of all radio listening among Las Vegas adults happens outside the home, primarily in one of the Las Vegas area's two million registered vehicles.

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Once in the car, Las Vegas radio stations become the primary audio source despite the abundance of in-dash listening options.

According to a recent study by Edison Research, nearly 75% of consumers listened to AM/FM radio in their cars during the past 30 days.  This is significantly more drivers than listened to their own digital music, podcasts, online audio, CDs, or satellite radio.

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Although consumers utilize a variety of audio sources while in the car, drivers spend 75% of their time listening to local AM/FM radio, especially among advertising support media.  Podcasts rank a distant number two with a 15% share.

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The dominant reach of Las Vegas radio among local consumers makes the medium a logical choice for advertisers looking to market their goods and services.  More than 20 return-on-investment studies conducted by Nielsen over the past few years find that radio's reach and mobility can generate, on average, $13,000 in sales for every $1000 spent on commercials.  AdAge, a trade publication for the advertising industry, refers to  radio advertising's dramatic ROI as "evey-popping."

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