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Advertise In Las Vegas: Reaching Millennial Parents

Feb 15, 2020 4:04:30 PM / by Larry Julius

How quickly the millennials have grown up.

According to Nielsen, 71.5% of all Clark County parents with children under the age of 18 are millennials.  

From the time their kids are born until they reach they are 17, these young parents will, spend, on average, $233,000 per child. This does not include the cost of college.

Currently, there are 517,742 children under the age of 18 living in the Las Vegas area. That makes the local parenting economy worth upwards of $118 billion. These dollars are being spent, among other things, on diapers, daycare, transportation, toys, education, electronics, clothing, and health care.

For Clark County small business owners interested in competing for a substantial portion of this multi-billion dollar pool of parental cash, they must advertise to millennial moms and dads. By almost any measurement, advertising on Las Vegas radio is the best way to reach this audience.

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