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Ads on Las Vegas Radio Stations Drives Record Sales for Auto Dealer

Apr 22, 2019 6:29:04 PM / by Larry Julius

Advertise In Las Vegas Sales Growth For Small Business Owner"When we advertise on Las Vegas radio, we sell cars. Period. End of story," says Anthony Woods. He is a partner and General Manager of Centennial Toyota.

Last year was a huge year for Centennial. According to Mr. Woods, his team sold 6281 new and used cars setting a new record. "This volume makes us this 64th largest Toyota dealership in America out of 1,238.

"Las Vegas radio is our primary source of advertising, " says Mr. Woods. "We do a bit of digital and direct mail. Our television advertising is limited to the Hispanic market. And, we never use newspaper advertising.  But, we have been advertising consistently on Las Vegas radio stations since I came to the dealership 12 years ago."

Market research confirms Mr. Wood's decision to invest in advertising on Las Vegas radio stations. According to Nielsen, consumers in Las Vegas spend $1.8 billion each year for cars and trucks. This is more than what is spent on groceries and clothing combined.

Nielsen goes on to show that each week, Las Vegas radio stations reach 337,334 or 92% of all consumers planning to buy or lease a new or used vehicle.  This is significantly more car buyers than tune-in to local TV stations, read local newspapers, or log on to a streaming audio sites like Pandora and Spotify.

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Radio advertising's dominant reach is especially true among those Las Vegas consumers who are planning to specifically consider buying or leasing a Toyota as their next vehicle.

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Mr. Woods is well aware of the positive effect radio advertising has on his business.

"We have advertised on Las Vegas radio stations for two weeks every month since 2007. I can tell when our commercials are running because we have a substantial lift in phone calls. Our web traffic increases. And the number of leads increases," says Mr. Woods.

Anthony Woods Centennial Toyota Advertise In Las Vegas"But most importantly we sell more cars when we advertise."

"We concentrate all of our radio advertising within the last two weeks of every month because it allows us to achieve the reach we need to be successful. It also allows us to make sure that car buyers hear the ads enough times to be effective. If we were to spread our ads over four weeks per month, then we would be adding more reach, but our frequency would be a little thin. The way we do it has proven to work for us consistently."

Centennial Toyota is part of Keyes Automotive Group. The company owns 11 other dealerships in Arizona and Southern California. 

"We are one of the most profitable dealerships in our group," says Mr. Woods. "We also spend the most for advertising."

"During my 12 years with the dealership I must have had 150 reviews with our senior partners," he continues. "In a 140 of those meetings they have asked me to cutback on my radio advertising."

Mr. Woods politely pushes back every time.

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"Advertising on Las Vegas radio stations is a staple of what we do. It contributes to our year-over-year growth. As long as we are profitable, I am sticking with it. I am a firm believer that the more we spend in advertising, the more cars we will sell."

"Once," says Mr. Woods, "one of the partners suggested that if we stopped advertising on the radio for a month nobody would miss it and we would still sell cars."

"I respectfully disagreed with him. What we have been doing has been so consistent and very successful. I don't see any value in messing with what has been working. It's something I am not willing to risk."

Mr. Woods believes any Las Vegas small business owner can benefit from advertising on Las Vegas radio stations.

"The key to being successful with radio advertising," says Mr. Woods, "is consistency. You can't just jump in-and-out and then blame the medium when it doesn't work.  It takes time and patience. And it will pay off."

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